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Project Started - January 1998 Construction Completed - August 1999
First Flight - March 2000 Corn Flight - July 2000

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We have changed the format of this page to help you navigate your way through and to better split up the main ideas of this page into two separate categories....they are....the Nieuport 12 and Squadron.

Welcome to our madness! No, thats NOT "My country 'tis of thee" playing, it's "God Save the King", same music, different words... very British! We hope to entertain and enlighten you throughout our building of the Circa Nieuport 12, a two seat, British World War I fighter biplane. We have borrowed (stolen) many ideas from the people who have already built 12's and added some of our own. You will find links to suppliers, current Nieuport 12 builders/owners, and people who know stuff about the Nieuport 11 ( the single seat version).

Many friends have asked pertinent questions such as:..."Butch, what the heck is wrong with you?" Or "Are you in a substance abuse program?" Or the ever popular, "When exactly did you suffer head trauma?" These questions have yet to be answered, and its been amost 4 years!

Update March, 2001

Say how do you like the "new" spiffy pages? Now you have two choices, kinda like "The Lady or the Tiger" If you go to the Nieuport 12 pages, you will have all sorts of stuff related to building the original N12 and attendant stuff PLUS a look see at how the "Phoenix Project" is coming along. We'll fill you in on the rebuild of our majestic N12. The "Squadron" section will keep you chuckling with the craziness of our reluctant combatants of the "Lost Squadron". The Lost Squadron now numbers FIVE aircraft and crews each with their own story to tell. All set in 1915-1917 Egypt. Hope you like "Monty Python" otherwise you are doomed.

As always a big thanks to my best friend and wife, Marikay, for without her support and help; 1) the orginal project would not have happened, 2) I could not have born the loss of the Nieuport and 3) the "Phoenix Project" would not be taking place.

Nieuport 12 Assembly Timelaps - Gardner (700KB)

N12 Assembly Timelaps

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For info about the plane...

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Our journey into madness...

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