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Well,it finally happened! On March 21-22,1998 the Eagles landed at Freeport, IL. Hosted by the gracious Joyce and Rick Giles, we all met and told lies to each other and had a great time!Those hours were spent going over pictures/plans and viewing videos of the various projects and all sorts of good fellowship. Attendees included Rich Dietrich, Rob Russell, Jim and Mike Mordal, Art Pearson, Hugh, Walt and myself. As the film gets developed, I'll add some more pictures.

Here we have Rich Dietrich and Rob Russell
Rick Giles and crew doing the ground check of his 12 Rick and Jim Mordal doing a low pass

Here's Rick and Jim back on the ground C'est moi, the grin did not go away for 2 weeks! Ace"Take me one more time" Mordal gets the first flight!

"Hat Man" Jeff Little visits and we put him to work... Gathering of the "boys" at Oshkosh 98 Jim "The Mole" Mordal's Nieuport 12

Jim Mordal's covered N12 Dave Black, Good Hope, GA. inspiration, friend, and mentor. Gone West.

(back row) Butch, Todd, Karl and Charlie
(front row) Hugh, Rick and Walt
[October 16, 1998]

- Gathering at Dayton, 98' -

Captain Rick Giles and wife Joyce Fokker DRI with rotary engine Fokker DRI flight prep

Sopwith Triplane with rotary engine Sopwith Pup with rotary engine AND working vickers

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