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value="">     Wealth of information for the Nieuport 11 builder.

    Graham Lee's Nieuport Home Page.

    Fascinating log of tandem Nieuport 11 construction.

    Supplier of construction to Rick Smith!!   

    Good source of photos and history.

    Fascinating site for period photos and music(I stole some!)

    Great photos of Nieuport 11 and info on the Nieuport builders Mailing List.                                                       The Mailing List is a real boon to us Nieuporters!

    Great place to be July 3-5, 1998!! Old planes, old cars and FUN!

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Butch & Hugh's Nieuport 12 Project
* Project Started - January 1998 *

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Butch, Hugh, Walt "Air Marshall" Butch, confused as usual. "Air Sheriff" Hugh, working as usual. "Chief Lackey and Gofer Supreme" Walt, keeping us on the straight and narrow.